We teach Physical Therapists specialized sales & marketing tactics to create exceptional profits

Do any of the following describe you?

✓​​​​​​​ Frustrated about having to "sell" to referral sources?
Tired of POPTs taking over, while offering sub-par care?
Annoyed with patients or referral sources that don't see the difference in PT practices?
Anxious when you come face-to-face with a potential "buyer?"
✓ Irritated that you didn't go to school for THIS?

Not Sure If The PT Gold Mine Is For You?

Hear from CEO of OSI Physical Therapy, Jody Hahn. OSI has 9 private practices in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.

Within one week of the PT Gold Mine workshop, OSI experienced immediate improvements in confidence and behaviors of their clinicians.

Like it or not, YOU are in sales.

In fact, at least 40% of your day is spent selling -- coaxing others to part with resources...

Think about the encounters you experience over your day--kids, spouses, patients, co-workers, neighbors...

Why not have a system in mind to help navigate all your day-to-day interactions?

Before the PT Gold Mine course, I was of the mindset that what I have done for 40 years had worked in terms of marketing - BUT… I know that we have got to do more and not be afraid to change.

Many things we have done have only been mildly successful…

After this course, I walked away with a group of 35 clinicians that I am confident believe that they have the tools to be successful in self-marketing.

I strongly recommend it for ANY PT who wants to take their practice to the next level!

This should be mandatorily teaching for every PT, OT, and SLP program.

It is fun, interactive, and challenging!

- Mike Ripley, PT, ATR Founder
- OSI Physical Therapy 40 Year Private Practice Owner Stillwater Minnesota

See What Others Are Saying!

This Full-Day Course Gives You:

A Communication Framework to create ethical influence over everyone you choose to do business with

Gate Keeper Jujitsu to avoid cold calling and build a network of diverse referrals, even when a "gate keeper" is in your way

Validated Negotiation Skills to assist in the creation of a "win/win" perception, while you get exactly what you want

Proven Marketing Tactics that allow you to stop confusing your attention on physician referrals

Meet The Presenter

Course Work Includes:

➤ Introduction to Sales and Negotiation for the PT
➤ Rock Solid 7 Step Sales System
➤ Negotiation Basics
➤ Advanced Negotiation Strategy
➤ Marketing Tools and Rock-Solid Choices
​​​​​​​➤ Prospecting and Turning Gate Keepers into Allies

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