What Others Are Saying About The Full-Day PT Goldmine Course...

Takes the fear and unknown out of how you implement sales, marketing, and negotiations in PT practice.”

“After Biagio’s Negotiation Breakout Session at PPS in Orlando, I already (1 week out) used these strategies to negotiate a deal via email with a contractor for a large home project we've been considering. I saved 39% off of the initial estimate with about 15 minutes worth of email work! “

Engaging presentation that encouraged discussion and educated on ‘where to start’ with marketing. Provided techniques to reduce anxiety and improve confidence.

“Last year I built a new home. I think if I would have had this course last year, I would have more money in my pocket!!”

“Need to know this stuff to get through life!!”

Great information – Thank You!  Many practical things to think about and implement…”

“Insight into how we can put our effort towards productive ways to bring patients into the clinic…. Extremely valuable.

Excellent presentation – sales relates to everything. We do it everyday in any position/career, etc. Thanks!”

Great information, especially for private practice clinics. It is an amazing concept to keep private practices open.”

“I LOVE how practical this is and how I can use some of this stuff Monday. Your honesty is refreshing."

“Many great takeaways to start using Monday in clinic.”

Expanded mindset on influence, sales tactics, and connecting with current customer base.”

Wake up therapists and owners! Great call to action. Helps you understand how sales and negotiation can be done in our profession with authenticity and trust.

Before the PT Gold Mine course, I was of the mindset that what I have done for 40 years had worked in terms of marketing - BUT… I know that we have got to do more and not be afraid to change.

Many things we have done have only been mildly successful…

After this course,
I walked away with a group of 35 clinicians that I am confident believe that they have the tools to be successful in self-marketing.

I strongly recommend it for ANY PT who wants to take their practice to the next level!

This should be mandatorily teaching for every PT, OT, and SLP program.

It is fun, interactive, and challenging!

- Mike Ripley, PT, ATR Founder
- OSI Physical Therapy 40 Year Private Practice Owner Stillwater Minnesota

"Very informative, interesting, and practical content!”

“Great concepts about topics not commonly talked about in PT. A missing piece in PT education. Thanks for a great course.”

“Lots of good information, and Biagio was very fun to listen to.”

“This is training we do not get in PT school. PTs need to know how to sell themselves and their trade.”

“Practical ideas to bring to the clinic immediately.”

“This is a necessary mind-shift change to negotiation and referrals that needs to happen…”

“Biagio Rocks! Unique approach, usable and research based – not just personal opinion.

“Biagio is an engaging presenter that provided me with communication tools to improve my PT practice marketing, sales, and negotiation.”

“Practical, interesting, validated info that can improve anyone’s practice.”

Provided a TON of valuable information, synthesizing dozens of books and several sales courses. This information is not commonly addressed in the professional development of a PT.”

“Redefined and Rejuvenated my energy level to motivate staff!”

Despite having over 20 years of clinical experience,
including several advanced credentials, I had very little confidence in my ability to self-promote - much less “sell.”

Following the PT Goldmine course, my confidence in sales is growing through the use of the systematic sales approach Biagio teaches.

Biagio has done an excellent job of synthesizing dozens of books and sales courses and presenting the material in a way that is relevant to clinicians.

We don’t learn this material in school, yet it is vital to the success of business and non-business owners as well!

Bryan Cummings, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC
President - New Life For Work
CFO - New Life Physical Therapy

“Great techniques to grow and sustain clinical business. Techniques can be taken back to clinic and used on Monday. Good blue print for further practice of material and strategies for practice. Good group activities to solidify information.

“Very good content! The best (and only?) PT sales course I’ve heard of.

Good communication strategies that can be used with patients, MDs, and relationships. Thank you!”

“We all need to do this!”

“LOVED the negotiation stuff – this is so needed!"

“Fun, Real Life, and Applicable to more than just PT Sales! Should be included in student PT Programs.”

"It’s great to have some tools and a construct to put it all together.

“I wish all of the PTs, PTAs, and owners were here today. I feel you provided a new and fresh prospective on how PTs need to think, feel, and act around marketing, networking, etc. The tools you gave us were very helpful and I cannot wait to start implementing some of these ideas/concepts. THANK YOU! Would love to take another course with you and hope to see you present in the future.”

“Loved the info…”

“I now have immediate, effective items to bring back.”

Great foundation of knowledge to sell yourself to patients and value of PT as a profession.”

“Interesting, funny, and informative.”